Lovers & Friends No.1
Emily & Natalia

What does friendship mean to you?
N: Friendship is about loyalty, about supporting a complex person who is constantly changing and reminding them that you’ll always be there.

E: Listening, loyalty, telling them things they might not want to hear. 

Favorite memory of each other?
E: Riding horseback in Iceland on these mini horses with metal hair cuts, through a river, freezing cold, all while Natalia’s saddle was coming off.

N: Walking aimlessly through Amsterdam in the pouring rain FOR HOURS, trying to find somewhere to sleep.

All time favorite love song?
E: Can’t Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley

N: Dos Gardenias *because love is more dramatic in Spanish*

@nataliavee @emlabowe
photos by Connor Doherty and Keyla Marquez