Fall in love everyday!
Fall in love with yourself! With others!
With nature! With love!

Eau de Toilette 1oz spray bottle

Anoint yourself before your morning meditation, a soft veil of love. Anoint yourself before stepping out of the house, an aura of love. Anoint your pillows at night, a tender kiss of love.

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  • Australian Sandalwood - Facilitates meditation and encourages creativity. Also an aphrodisiac. 
  • Aged Patchouli - Warm and spicy, stress relieving, grounding and balancing.
  • Bulgarian Rose - “The finest rose in the world.”
  • Hyraceum - Petrified rock excrement composed of urine and feces excreted by the Cape Hyrax, an adorable little mammal who poops and pees in the same place its whole life, creating a rock that can be used as an ethical and cruelty free animalic scent.
  • Tasmanian Kunzea - Woodsy, medicinal. Will transport you from the mundane into the fresh air of nature.
  • Black Hemlock - Like a big spruce tree, woodsy, mossy.
  • Carrot Seed - As an oil it can remove toxins and inflammation in the body. Earthy and slightly spicy in fragrance.
  • Palo Santo - For spiritual purification, energetic cleansing.
  • Cypriol Heart - The modern day version of the Papyrus scent found in ancient perfume formulas. Dark green in color.
  • Cassis - Made of black currants. In France it’s a liquor/apertif.
  • Cypress Leaf - “The leaves point to the heavens,” but also associated with the underworlds because it fails to regenerate when cut back. Often carved into coffins and cemetery signs. Fresh and woody in scent.

**All ingredients ethically harvested**